Smart Ads SystemManage Less, Sell More

SHOPLINE Smart Ads System cuts through the complexity of the Facebook ads settings for you, you can easily set up ad campaigns through the system with just a few clicks and the system will help you manage and drive optimal ROAS.

Manage the Facebook Ads in just a few steps

It only takes a few clicks to start an ad campaign, set targeting and manage the performance.

Multivarious Ads Formats

Google: Shopping AdsFacebook: Product ads, Post Ads and more!
Engage and Re-engage with all your customers!

Ads Performance Reports

Assess all the ads performance data right on the system dashboard.


Along with the simplicity of the SHOPLINE backend system, you can set up ad campaigns through our SMART Ad System with just a few clicks! 

Ads Analysis Tools

Ads Analysis Tools  

Top-Up Notification (Budget Runs low / Exhausted) Activation of Automated Ads Optimization Ads Budget ArrangementAds Click Rate Optimization

Details Set up  

Targeting Recommendations


Optimize Ads Effectiveness Analysis with Multivarious Ads Performance Cost Per Click (CPC) , Cost Per Mille (CPM), Cost Per Action (CPA)


Automated ads optimization

Worry about Wasting budgets on poor ads performance? Our Smart Ads System will avoid this by automatically turning off low-performance ads or ads with out-of-stock products. The system will also send email notifications to merchants for their records. 

15s videos creation

The conversion rate of video ads is so much higher than static image ads. Our system provides various 15s - 30s video templates for you to create video ad campaigns using product images. 

A.I Product Recommendations

Our A.I technology can predict and recommend on the next potential “hot” products. It will be labeled as starred items for you to make a better plan with your ads budget!

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