“SHOPLINE Anti-epidemic x Consumption Voucher Subsidy Scheme" Program Terms & Conditions (“Terms”)

  1. The “SHOPLINE Anti-epidemic x Consumption Voucher Subsidy Scheme" Program (the “Program”) is provided by SHOPLINE. By participating in the Promotion by registering via this link (https://marketing.shopline.hk/COVID19response-2022/en) , you understand and agree to be bound by these Terms.
  2. This Program commences on 10 March 2022 and ends on 30 June 2022 (both dates inclusive) (the “Promotion Period”).
  3. If you have signed up as a new paid merchant of SHOPLINE, you will be eligible to enjoy a one-time fixed SHOPLINE offer (“SHOPLINE Offer”) if all of the following requirements are satisfied: 

  4. The SHOPLINE Offer will be valid and started from the commencement date of your SHOPLINE service agreement.
  5. Regarding the SHOPLINE logistic credit rebate, it is only applicable to SHOPLINE Logistics and/or Oneship for deducting the logistic service charges. The credit will be valid during the SHOPLINE service agreement period. 
  6. Regarding the SHOPLINE ads credit rebate, it is only applicable to SHOPLINE Smart Ads System for deducting the ad service charges.The credit will be valid during the SHOPLINE service agreement period.
  7. Regarding the SHOPLINE bank charge rebate, it is only applicable to SHOPLINE Payments for deducting the bank transaction charges. The credit will be valid during the SHOPLINE service agreement period.
  8. ZapChat free service is applicable for the first 6 months started from the service commencement date.
  9. Subsidy to the Affected Merchants:

  10. SHOPLINE will have no responsibility or legal liability relating to any aspect of service provided by XH Supply Chain, SF Express or Livi Bank, services of which are governed by separate terms and conditions.
  11. The SHOPLINE Offer is not redeemable for cash, for resale and no refund or exchange is permitted (except as required by applicable laws). 
  12. SHOPLINE reserves the right to refuse any registrants their participation in the Promotion for any reason and without any prior notice. 
  13. During the Promotion Period, in case of any fraud, abuse, reversal, cancellation or chargeback of transactions in respect of which the SHOPLINE Offer is awarded, SHOPLINE reserves the right to cancel the offer without prior notice. 
  14. The SHOPLINE Offer cannot be earned in conjunction with other offers, packages or promotions as may be launched for SHOPLINE from time to time, unless specified. The SHOPLINE Offer cannot be transferred to third parties or other accounts, or returned, or exchanged for any other services with respect to SHOPLINE. 
  15. SHOPLINE reserves the right to amend, and/or vary any of these Terms and any arrangement of this Promotion, limit, suspend, cancel, and/or terminate the Promotion, without notice and without any liability.
  16. SHOPLINE will process personal information in accordance with SHOPLINE’s privacy policy (https://shopline.hk/about/privacy). 
  17. These Terms are governed by the laws of Hong Kong. In case of any dispute, SHOPLINE reserves the right of final decision.
  18. The English version of these Terms is for reference only. In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.




You have enrolled in the Promotion through the dedicated page for the Promotion via this link (https://marketing.shopline.hk/COVID19response-2022/en) during the Promotion Period; 

You have also purchased either SHOPLINE’s (i) eCommerce Starter or (ii) eCommerce Pro or (iii) All-in-One Plan during the Promotion Period; and 

You are a company incorporated in Hong Kong with a valid and effective business registration certificate.






SHOPLINE will subsidize max. 50 merchants according to the qualification and eligibility. Processing time may vary depending on the number of applications, and applications will be processed on a case by case basis.

The free “eCommerce Starter” plan duration period is 6 months from the commencement date of your SHOPLINE service agreement.

The free ZapChat service duration period is 6 months from the commencement date of your SHOPLINE service agreement.

SHOPLINE ads or logistic credit rebate: $2500 rebate is applicable to " SHOPLINE Smart Ads System" or " SHOPLINE Logistics and/or OneShip" for deducting the relevant service charges. The credit can be used on either one of the services but not both. The credit is non-transferable after you decide which services to credit.

By participating in this Program, you hereby agree that you may be selected to be a showcase for future promotion of SHOPLINE including but not limited to promotion on websites, online advertising, videos, newspaper and magazines, etc.

「SHOPLINE 抗疫 x 消費券資助計劃」條款及細則

  1. 本「SHOPLINE 抗疫 x 消費券資助計劃」(計劃)由 SHOPLINE 提供。由此連結:https://marketing.shopline.hk/COVID19response-2022 註冊參與本優惠活動和/或接收回贈,即表示您同意並接受本條款及細則。
  2. 本活動從2022年3月10日起至2022年6月30日止(包括首尾兩天)(「推廣期」)。
  3. 如您成功首次註冊成為SHOPLINE的新付費店家,您必須符合以下所有資格以享有一次性的SHOPLINE活動優惠 (「SHOPLINE活動優惠」) :

  4. SHOPLINE活動優惠的有效期由SHOPLINE服務合約生效日起計。
  5. 有關SHOPLINE物流金回贈:贈送金額只適用於 SHOPLINE Logistics及/或OneShip ,作扣減物流相關費用,金額SHOPLINE服務合約期內適用。
  6. 有關SHOPLINE廣告金回贈:贈送金額只適用於 SHOPLINE 智慧廣告系統,作扣減廣告相關費用,金額SHOPLINE服務合約期內適用。
  7. 有關SHOPLINE銀行手續費回贈:贈送金額只適用於 SHOPLINE Payments,作扣減交易手續相關費用。,金額SHOPLINE服務合約期內適用。
  8. 有關 ZapChat 免費使優惠:優惠由SHOPLINE服務合約生效日起計為6個月。
  9. 有關受影響商戶補助:

  10. 有關新夏輝物流、順豐速運及Livi Bank優惠:優惠及服務詳情受相關個別公司服務及條款細則約束。SHOPLINE不會就新夏輝物流、順豐速運及Livi Bank提供的任何用戶優惠承擔任何義務或責任 。
  11. 相關SHOPLINE活動優惠中的金額不可兌換成現金及/或再次銷售;不可退款或退換 (除非有關法律有所要求)。
  12. SHOPLINE 保留其因任何理由拒絕任何客戶參加本活動的權利,而不作任何預先通知。
  13. 在推廣期內,如果就SHOPLINE 活動優惠發生任何欺詐、濫用、撤銷、取消或交易退款,SHOPLINE 保留不經通知即從相關客戶的 SHOPLINE 帳戶移除SHOPLINE 活動優惠的權利。
  14. 此優惠不可與任何其他 SHOPLINE 的優惠或優惠活動同時使用(除特別註明外)SHOPLINE 活動優惠不可轉讓到第三方或其他 SHOPLINE 帳戶,或退換為任何其他服務或退款。
  15. SHOPLINE有權修改和/或更改任何條款以及對本活動的安排、限制、中止、取消和/或終止本活動,無需通知且不承擔任何責任。
  16. SHOPLINE 將按照SHOPLINE的隱私政策(https://shopline.hk/about/privacy) 處理個人資訊。
  17. 本條款適用香港法。如有任何爭議, SHOPLINE 保留最終決定權。
  18. 此英文本僅供參考,文義如與中文有歧異,概以中文本為準。





在本活動期間,您亦已經首次成功註冊成為 SHOPLINE (i)「基本方案」或 (ii)「進階電商開店方案」或 (iii)「全方位新零售開店方案」店家;及 




資助名額共50個。SHOPLINE 將會根據個別申請作資格審核。

審核時間可能受申請人數影響,SHOPLINE 將按申請者個別情況決定

有關 ZapChat 免費使用優惠:優惠由SHOPLINE服務合約生效日起計為6個月。

有關SHOPLINE廣告金或物流金回贈:$2500贈送金額適用於 「SHOPLINE 智慧廣告系統」或「SHOPLINE Logistics及/或OneShip」,作扣減廣告或物流相關費用。唯贈送金額需全數使用於同一服務,確認後金額不可轉移到另一服務。

參加品牌及網店有機會被 SHOPLINE 作為宣傳之用,包括但不限於網頁、線上廣告、影片、報紙刊物等。

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